The Complete Audio Solution Hub

As the Tagline says, we provide all categories of products/instruments required for music producers, live sound companies and Permanent sound system installations. You can select products of your choice from globally reputed brands from our state of the art exclusive showroom. Krish Musicals started making sound from mid-2010, and we are growing along with the music/audio industry. We have evolved from dealing with traditional acoustic instruments to modern electronic musical instruments and professional audio equipments. Latest technology has opened up a whole new world of sonic possibilities and versatility on music/audio production/distribution/performance, without having to blow a big hole in your pocket. If you are looking for electronic/digital audio solutions of the latest technology, we are here for you. Our friendly staff will assist you in sorting out the benefits of the latest equipments to provide total solutions to your audio/installation/music recording challenges. We strongly believe in this combination of unique strengths that takes us to the top of continued growth. Our passion for excellence and commitment to offering high quality musical instruments/audio equipments at great value has attracted many customers. Customer service and satisfactions is also our top priority whereby we place heavy emphasis on after sales support.